IPTV Free Premium URL M3u Playlist 13 May 2018


Baby Electro is based on a static URL that covers 100+ countries channels in a stable link of Pastebin. We test each IPTV free link and paste it in the Pastebin every 24 hours later. Every IPTV free link is in the form of M3u URL and its works with M3u supported video players. You can use VLC Player, Perfect Player, GSE Player (iPhone, I Pad, Ios Users)and Ott Player to play the channels. But we suggest VLC Player for these IPTV free links cause VLC is very reliable and easy to use.

The M3u Playlists are Available in the Below Pastebin


Internet Speed Requirement

The minimum speed of the internet should be required for IPTV is around 8-10 MBPS Download and 2-4 Mbps upload speed. The strong internet connection will provide more than 10 Mbps to avoid buffering, freezing and cutting while enjoying the internet speed.

Important Note: We don’t advertise any of the free channels that we share. All m3u playlists that we share are playlists that we discover from search engines. The main thing that we do is share the IPTV Links for free of cost. We provide the best free IPTV Links and refresh them every day. The IPTV Links automatically refresh every day. We will post new IPTV free list consistently so you can appreciate viewing overall IPTV channels free of cost.

Setup IPTV

VLC Media Player

First of all, pick a list from Pastebin Link that you can get at the top of the article

Download VLC Media Player

After that click on ‘Media’ option at the top of the page as shown below in the screenshot


Now click on ‘Open Network Stream’ option


Now put any URL of Pastebin here


After all, Click on ‘Play’


Frequently channels may stop every 20 seconds because of the unstop able number of clients playing these IPTV free Links so we suggest the ‘loop button’ press it two times. It’s important to do that if you want to watch channels without any problem.


Done 🙂 Now enjoy the worldwide channels for free.

Smart IPTV

If you want to use these free IPTV links on Smart Tv you can activate your MAC address in 5.49 Euro from here http://siptv.eu/activation/ you can get 7 days free trial when you install the Smart IPTV app.


Now, Goto http://siptv.eu/mylist/ and put your MAC address there


Put any link of Pastebin in the URL box


After that change these setting as shown below in the screenshot and click on ‘Send’


That’s all, Now reload your app and 1 playlist will automatically be added.

Moreover, Share Baby Electro with IPTV free lover and if you need any help just comment below we will resolve your problem as soon as possible. 🙂


  1. i cant seem to be getting any picture all the channels list are showing but no names

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
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